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Upper East Side Dentist          
Upper East Side Dentist

Welcome to Upper East Side Dentist. We are proud to deliver high quality dental care in Upper East Side Manhattan and surrounding areas in NYC. Upper East Side Dentist puts patient’s comfort and well being above all. We use advanced dental procedures and follow strict sterilization and disinfection protocols to ensure our patients' comfort and hygiene. Our dentists will help you achieve the perfect smile you wish for.

Upper East Side Dentist provides general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and some oral surgery and endodontic services.
We will devise a specific dental plan that will accommodate your dental needs, financial capabilities and your busy schedule. 

Our mission is first and foremost to help every single neighbor and friend to achieve the ultimate oral health, we all deserve. The company of our enthusiastic dentists magnetizes our patients. Your visit at our office will be enjoyable and informative, as Dr. Sherwin Benlevi, patiently explain to you what needs to be done. Our preventive, reconstructive, and cosmetic dental care will satisfy you.
From cleanings to teeth whitening,  dental implants and veneers – we want to be your cosmetic dentist. Our office is conveniently located in heart of Upper East Side close to the new 2 Ave new Q train Subway  (  and also  6 and 4,  5  train).

We are the dentist that other dentist go to when they need to find out the newest advances in treatments for your cosmetic and oral health. Total Dentistry has the specialists who treat smile makeovers and dental implants in as little as a week; nothing is too complicated for our team.

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Upper East Side Dentist

Upper East Side Dentist Care Cosmetic Dentistry
We provide our patients with the best in Manhattan cosmetic dentistry. Our experienced, skilled and dedicated dental care professionals use the latest and most modern equipment as well as advanced technology to ensure that your smile makeover is always a big success. From complete smile makeovers to tooth and multiple teeth restoration as well as porcelain laminate veneers,
Upper East Side Dentist is here to help. We also offer metal-free crowns and bridges along with porcelain dental inlays and on-lays.
Upper East Side Dentist is your New York City dental care provider of choice when it comes to any number of cosmetic dental services. With technical expertise and artistic know-how we offer patients the chance to enjoy a better quality of life and greater personal self-esteem. Our facility is state-of-the-art and our staff is friendly, attentive and focused. Upper East Side Dentist's cosmetic dentistry in NYC is provided in a friendly, comfortable and relaxing environment. Scheduling an appointment for an initial examination is always easy and convenient.
During your initial consultation we will talk with you about your cosmetic dentistry options and ways of improving your smile. Once this has been accomplished we will work closely with you to develop a realistic and manageable plan designed to meet your goals. Finally, we provide you with an accurate quote and a detailed treatment plan so that you have a clear picture of the treatment and costs involved. Our team uses the latest in diagnostic tools and the best in dental equipment to improve your smile in a most impressive way.
Listed Below Is A Sample Of The Cosmetic Dentistry Services That We Offer:
> Bridges
> Veneers
> Crown Dental
> Composite Filling
> Teeth Whitening
We offer premium Upper East Side Dentist bridge services for patients who expect the best. Partial or complete tooth loss can have a big impact on a person’s self-esteem and personal image. In fact, missing teeth can have a large overall affect on one's appearance and oral functionality. Missing teeth can present a number of problems including the shifting of healthy teeth, alterations to normal bite, lockjaw, speech difficulties and increased chances of tooth decay. It is also directly responsible for increased rates of periodontal disease. Upper East Side Dentist offers affordable and lasting bridges for patients throughout greater Manhattan metropolitan area.
Dental bridges demand exacting specifications so that total functionality and visual appeal is restored. The process involves the shaping of teeth that are required to fill in the gap where teeth are missing. Crowns are typically placed onto existing natural teeth that have been shaped to accept an artificial cap or tooth. Variations in bridgework include resin-bonded bridges and bridges that make use of dental implants. Each patient's case is unique and different and that is why it is important to meet with your dental care provider to know for sure. We work closely with our patients to determine the best possible dental bridge solution - one that will most suit your needs.
Veneers Upper East Side Dentist
When it comes to dental veneers in NYC, Upper East Side Dentist is a leader in dental services throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area. We help our patients address serious dental issues such as extreme tooth discoloration as well as broken or chipped teeth. We are also able to routinely work with patients who have gaps between teeth that cannot be repaired with other types of dental procedures. Dental veneers are simply wafer-thin type shells that are custom made to fit a patient's specific needs. We match colors and shades perfectly to surrounding teeth to produce the perfect results every time.
Veneers are highly effective at covering the front surfaces of teeth as a way to improve smile appearance. The technology has evolved over the years and uses bonding to create a permanent solution in order to change the shape, size, color or form of existing teeth. Using porcelain or resin composite materials, veneers provide for a natural look while offering excellent stain resistance. It should be noted that composite veneers are usually thinner and as such require less total tooth surface to be removed prior to placement. We provide the best in dental veneers in Manhattan. Call today to learn more.
Crown Dental Upper East Side Dentist
Upper East Side Dentist is a trusted and respected name in NYC crown dental services. Crowns are intended and designed to cover teeth that have become cracked, diseased or chipped over time. They are also highly useful in replacing or repairing teeth that have decayed or become worn. This is especially true with regard to the results of an improper bite. The main function of a crown is to protect the remaining healthy tooth and restore a more aesthetic look to one’s smile. The process involves reshaping the healthy natural tooth while also removing any possible decay that exists. Once this has been accomplished a dental crown can be sized and replaced.
Upper East Side Dentist carefully scans the tooth in question so that a perfect crown can be fabricated to fit the existing natural tooth perfectly. Once this has been accomplished a temporary crown is put into place as a way to protect it until the patient can return for a permanent dental crown placement. Today's modern dental crowns are made from high-quality materials such as porcelain or resin. These materials are designed to withstand years of use and hold up extremely well over the long term while providing a beautiful appearance of natural looking teeth. Contact our dental experts today for the best in Manhattan dental crown services.
Composite Fillings Upper East Side Dentist
We offer quality composite filling services in Manhattan performed by the friendly staff of Upper East Side Dentist. When it comes to having cavities filled we provide the best in dental filling choices. From composite fillings to amalgam and other options, our dental care professionals will explain your choices in detail. Amalgam and composite fillings have different purposes and different advantages. We work closely with our patients to ensure that you make the best choice when it comes to having cavities filled. For example, amalgams are considered to be more durable than composite. Conversely, composite fillings deliver a more natural and pleasing tooth-like appearance.
Modern advances in dentistry have made fillings for cavities more reliable and dependable in recent years. Upper East Side Dentist provides patients with the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure that fillings are durable and long lasting. From reduced preparation times to being able to retain a greater portion of the natural tooth, we strive to provide our patients with the best in Manhattan composite fillings. Our Manhattan dental care professionals are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the patient’s filling related needs. Contact our friendly staff today to schedule an appointment.
Teeth Whitening Solutions Upper East Side Dentist
We provide our patients with the best in Manhattan teeth whitening solutions. While in home teeth whitening is popular today, nothing quite compares to a professionally applied teeth-whitening session by a trusted dental care provider in NYC.
Regaining a beautiful and bright smile has never been more affordable and more achievable. Professional teeth whitening by reliable dental care professionals typically will exceed any type of procedure that could be performed at home. Stronger bleaching agents and professional application can make all the difference in terms of getting the most out of modern teeth whitening.
Upper East Side Dentist will help you take your smile to an entirely new level. We incorporate the use of mouthpieces that are molded directly to fit the patient's teeth. This enables the whitening gel to make the most complete contact possible with teeth. This also results in increased whitening and better utilization of the whitening agent. Most importantly, we provide the highest levels of protection with regard to using whitening agents around gum tissue and other sensitive parts of the mouth. Our procedure is safe, reliable and produces impressive results.
Upper East Side Dentist today to experience the best in Manhattan teeth whitening for those who understand the importance of a beautiful smile.